Working from Home (WFH) vs Hybrid Office Life

Woman working from home being interupted by toddler

WORKING FROM HOME (WFH), generally when a phrase is abbreviated it tends to be because it\’s very commonly used, whereas a couple of years ago this term wasn’t anywhere near as popular as it is today.

With the guide to what is safe, and what is not, ever-changing, it can be hard to decipher the difference between rules and guidance as it tends to change just as frequently as the English weather.

When ‘WFH’ was first introduced, a significant percentage of people found it a breath of fresh air, having the ability to wake up and take the phrase ‘smart casual’ to a whole new level, business on top, joggers/pj’s on the bottom. Being able to work later in the day, or earlier in the morning gave many people more time to spend with loved ones.

However, in 2021 most companies started to adopt a hybrid method of work, allowing employees to return to work whilst still combatting covid measures.

So, whilst working from home may have some advantages, it also has many disadvantages.

We are social creators by nature, a term that has been overused but still runs true, without the ability to connect face to face with colleagues many of us felt that nervousness when returning to work, I know I did, I forgot how to small talk at the coffee machine, I became nervous when meeting new people and attending events with strangers. when you take away that social connection and replace it with WFH you’re taking away the years of learning that we did on how to be “social”.

The distractions… and there are many. Whether that be you cannot work during working hours or you cannot stop outside of working hours. Whether the kids are off school, your internet is playing up or even both at the same time, it can be hard to juggle home life alongside work life.

At McCue House, our members are at ease knowing they have super-fast 1000mbps broadband speed, peace and quiet in a no-fuss domain and not to mention the delicious coffee that gets you through the long hours.

Our newly developed flexible office space is just that… flexible, we always try to go beyond to provide a high-class service. Our terms are simple and trustworthy with no “you should have read the small print.” Our aim is to meet the requirements of our members and be transparent in our offering. We are advanced in our approach to technology with our keyless (fob entry) and phone door access along with our sign-in-app that automatically logs you and your team into the building whenever you are in a 500-meter radius.

(example of a two-member office – F01)

We are immensely proud of what we have created here, with a modern, user-centric design, McCue House offers our members a place where they can feel professional yet comfortable.

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