How is McCue House different?

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Below are just some of the reasons why moving your business to a McCue House Private Office or Co-Working Space could benefit you! If you would like to find out more, why not arrange for a consultation with our friendly Business Manager, Olivia.


McCue House

McCue House offers flexible short term rental (membership) agreements on all of our Private Offices and Co-Working Spaces. Our minimum term is 1 month with No Deposit making it easy to dip your toe into the water of shared office space. We also offer extensive discounts to those looking to adopt a longer-term membership.

Conventional Office Rental

Office rentals usually require a long term, rigid contract in the region of 3-5 years. If your business expands and you need to move you may be left with no alternative but to break your lease and incur a charge. Once you have found a new premise you are likely to be locked into a similar long term contract and thus the cycle continues.


McCue House

One of the main benefits of McCue House is its inclusive pricing. All of our offices and co-working spaces are provided inclusive of otherwise expensive utilities such as telecoms, internet, electricity and heating. McCue House office spaces are also inclusive of new and modern furniture which is just one of the ways that we help your business to cut down on start-up costs. In a traditional commercial office rental, these utilities are considered add-ons and can cost you up to 30% more per year on top of already rising rent prices.

Conventional Office Rental

Capital is a common problem faced by small businesses and traditional office buildings do not do much to combat this. Long term contracts are already expensive and the recent rise in building rents has only made the situation worse. Once you have moved into premises it then becomes time to furnish it, purchase stationery and supplies and pay for utilities such as broadband and telecoms. These often forgotten and tricky to cancel utilities then become unforeseen overheads that eat away at your profits.

Business Scalability

McCue House

Offices are not a one size fits all product and in our opinion, McCue House caters to this situation particularly well. Our newly refurbished business centre has office spaces of all shapes and sizes allowing you to upgrade or downsize to new office space as your business requires without losing out on the benefits of membership.

Conventional Office Rental

Once you are locked into a long term lease it can be difficult to upsize or downsize your business. Because the economy is ever-changing, businesses are needing flexibility more than ever and this can never be achieved with multi-year contracts and extensive notice of leave periods. This lack of flexibility in the commercial rental market is one of the main driving forces behind the “easy in, easy out” membership plan at McCue House.

Collaboration and Networking

McCue House

Unlike traditional office spaces, a Shared Office Space and Business Hub like McCue House allows you to work with and network with other members. You can meet with freelancers, entrepreneurs and long term business owners that have already taken root in the local area. Bring fresh and new ideas to the table like never before and embrace a collaborative working environment at McCue House.

Convention Office Rental

Traditional workspaces are somewhat limited in terms of interaction, sure you have your team and workforce, but inter-organization collaboration and networking just aren’t possible without joining expensive business networking groups, each with its own expensive annual membership fees.

See it for yourself…

Interested in our modern Private Offices and Co-Working Facilities? Perhaps you just need Meeting Room Hire or a business address by means of a Virtual Office? Get in touch today to find out more about our services!

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