Changes To Coworking Spaces Post-COVID

Changes To Coworking Spaces Post-COVID | McCue House

Lots of things are going to be different when we finally come out of this never-ending lockdown and enter the ‘new normal, whatever that looks like! After spending such a long time working from home, we are set to see a real surge in people filling up coworking spaces to escape from the boring four walls of their homes. Of course, working from home does have its benefits, but coworking is definitely a better long-term solution for many entrepreneurs and small start-up businesses.

Health Screening For Newbies

The number of businesses that have been negatively affected by the pandemic is huge, and unfortunately, there is no escaping those figures. The trend of co-working has been on the rise for several years now, and whilst the pandemic has caused a little blip in this growth, it won’t be long before we are back to normal.

Health screening is definitely going to be a new feature within co-working and shared office spaces though. For those who are already working from these spaces (due to not being able to work from home), they need to be reassured that when new members join there is no additional risk of being exposed to COVID. Simple measures such as having hand sanitisation stations throughout the building, and a temperature check at reception when visitors enter should provide sufficient protection.

Focus On Work Hygiene

This doesn’t just refer to hand sanitiser, but also the general disposal of waste. Maintaining a high level of workplace hygiene is up to the members as much as the landlord. Tissue boxes and sanitisers should be readily available, and restrooms should also be cleaner than they have ever been before. Coworking spaces will not only be a place where people will feel safe from Coronavirus but also other contagious diseases – fingers crossed we won’t see as many winter colds and bugs this year!

Remote Workers Taking Up Coworking

As well as coworking is on the rise, there is no escaping the fact that remote working is also increasing in popularity. This means that coworking spaces may have to extend their facilities in order to facilitate remote workers in the same environment. It may be that we see WiFi networks set up for remote employees of those businesses already operating from the coworking space, time will tell.

Changes To Office Layout

This is the most obvious change that we are going to see in coworking spaces post-COVID. A social distancing protocol is expected to be in place, to ensure the safety of both visitors and members. As well as putting signs up reminding people to keep a minimum physical distance between themselves, we will also see modified office layouts with more dispersed desk areas. There may even be the introduction of shifts to ensure coworking spaces are not operating at full capacity throughout the day.

So there you have it, a few predicted changes to coworking spaces post-COVID. Why not book a tour of McCue House so that you can see for yourself how we are implementing measures to keep our members safe?

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