Is Working From Home Stressing You Out?

Is Working From Home Stressing You Out? | McCue House

At last, there finally seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel with lockdown measures starting to be released, and offices slowly starting to reopen. Working from home can be extremely stressful, particularly if you have had the joys of balancing homeschooling and a full-time job too. Although we have all had different challenges to face, before long we will all be back in the office and forgetting just how much freedom working from home actually gave us!

Increased Productivity

One thing to sit back and reflect on is the fact that working from home actually brings with it a whole new level of freedom. So make the most of that before you have to return to the office again! You will probably have read lots of blogs and social media posts surrounding burnout and how this has increased during the lockdown, which isn’t really surprising. With the line between home and work becoming increasingly blurred, the majority of the UK workforce has actually been more productive since lockdown.

According to a survey carried out recently, 85% of businesses have confirmed that productivity has increased, because of greater flexibility. Employers have had no choice but to trust their staff and give them the freedom to work their own hours to fit their lifestyle. With this increased level of trust, employees have then worked harder during their allocated hours.

Mental Health Struggles

On the flip side of this increased level of productivity, there is a rise in the level of loneliness due to the lack of social contact. In a recent report, it has been found that 83% of people have had increased levels of stress trying to juggle home and work life.

Coworking spaces can provide the perfect balance for those who are struggling to work from home, but are still unable to go back to their physical office space. Of course, social distancing guidelines and measures are still in place to ensure the safety of all individuals, but at least it provides a social environment in which to work.

Traditional Offices Are No More

Some people really love working from the office – whether it provides them with an escape from home life, or just different people to talk to. Often actually being able to commute to a place of work gets people in the right mindset to have a productive day ahead of them. Unfortunately, for now, many businesses are delaying the return of their employees until COVID restrictions have eased completely. Others are continuing to allow home working for the foreseeable future. So for this group of people coworking spaces might fill that void for a while.

On the other hand, some people love the freedom of working from home. Being able to walk their dog during their lunch break, sitting in their pyjamas all day (although sometimes not the most productive method), and having the fridge at their fingertips. The beauty of coworking is that it provides a real happy medium between the two. You can book a coworking space for half a day, a couple of hours, or a full day if you wish. At McCue House, we created membership packages that are designed to suit your individual needs.

For more information on the coworking spaces and the office spaces that we provide, please feel free to contact us.

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