Why Serviced Offices Are A Popular Choice

Why Serviced Offices Are A Popular Choice | McCue House

More and more business owners are making the move to serviced offices, but why have they become such a popular choice nowadays? The workplace has seen a dramatic overhaul in the past year, let alone the few years prior to that when co-working spaces really started to take off. The continued advancement in technology means that people can share files and carry out meetings across the world.

The modern workplace is seeing a shift towards a more healthy lifestyle too. Not only including breakout areas where employees can play video games and relax but also with office ergonomics too. Standing desks have become very popular in recent times, and we are really starting to see a shift towards more open spaces to allow for easy collaboration.

Serviced Offices

To begin with, serviced offices were seen solely for start-up companies who wanted to run their business from somewhere more professional than their home office. In recent times, this more flexible way of renting office space is being utilised more and more by large multinational companies who are also reaping the benefits. A serviced office space gives businesses a better opportunity to expand, whilst reducing the headcount of their administrative staff. Giving them more money to invest in those areas of the business will deliver a greater return.

The great thing about serviced offices is that they come fully furnished and equipped, with internet and phone lines already installed. This means that all businesses have to bring with them are their laptops and monitors – literally ‘plug and play’. There are always meeting rooms on site too, which can be booked out for those all-important client meetings.

Employer Benefits

As well to the physical advantages of running a business from a serviced office, there are other benefits to an employer too. The main positive is that all of the preparation work is carried out by the service provider, so all business owners need to do is literally turn up. There are often networking events run in-house too, so there are lots of opportunities to connect with other business owners, building a community.

Signing up to a large provider means that access will be provided to other buildings within their portfolio. Allowing business owners to easily expand into other geographical areas, taking advantage of the other facilities that are on offer. This solution is ideal for those who travel and are out at meetings in various locations throughout the week.

Flexible Contracts

There has been a large shift in attitudes toward a more hybrid working model during the past year or so, which means for employers it can be hard to know what to do with existing office space. Whilst it is important that staff have somewhere they can meet with their colleagues, and work productively, there has to be a balance where rental costs are concerned.

With serviced office spaces, rental agreements tend to be a lot more flexible. For example, if the space was just needed for a one-off project where different staff from one organisation needed to work together, a short-term agreement could be arranged. If a business requires more stability, there are always 12-month options too which would give them access to a discounted rate.

So as you can see, there are many reasons why serviced offices are a popular choice for businesses of all sizes. The flexibility that they offer is the main benefit, allowing business owners to forecast their finances on a much shorter-term basis. If you would like to know more about the serviced offices in Grimsby that are on offer at McCue House, contact us today by calling 01472 287766.

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