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Inspiring Creativity In The Workplace | McCue House

Productivity has been the ‘buzzword’ going around recently, particularly with regards to remote working. Not much attention has been paid to creativity though, which is just as important. Spending hours within the same four walls is not the best way to spark creativity, and as office spaces are starting to open up again this is worth having a think about. Employers need to create an office environment that reflects the culture of the business and encourages creativity.

This is not always easy with limited office space though, which is why a co-working space could be a great solution for staff several days of the week. Coworking spaces all have breakout rooms where the whole team can get together within a different environment and start hashing out that new project.

If you are in a position where you are fortunate enough to be able to redesign your office space entirely, here are a few tips on stimulating creativity in the workplace.

Embrace All The Senses

People often think that it is just artists and musicians who are inspired by their surroundings, but anyone who has a creative role is influenced by the things around them that they can touch, hear and feel. Think about some of the big tech company offices like Google – they have a bright, colourful office with a funky slide in between floors. These features haven’t just been added for the fun of it, there is science linking them to increased creativity.

Colour is another thing to consider when redesigning office space, as different colours evoke different moods. Blue is the best colour for creativity, red can help to boost performance, and yellow will help to add some energy to the room.

Allow Nature Inside

Light is something that we often take for granted, and only in the winter months do we realise just how much we miss that hit of Vitamin D. Natural light contains blue light, which has been shown to help boost the immune system and lower stress levels, again helping ignite the imaginative parts of the brain.

Plants are also a great addition to any office space and provide many mental health benefits. Studies have been carried out that reported a 37% drop in anxiety, a 58% decrease in depression and a 44% decrease in anger when plants were introduced to the workplace. Leaving much more room for creativity in the mind.

Talk To Your Staff

If you are thinking about redesigning your office space, it is a good idea to ask for input from those who work there! There are bound to be some differing opinions, but there is always a middle ground that can be found. The atmosphere of an office can have a huge impact on creativity so your staff need to feel comfortable in their surroundings.

Some people work well in a quiet environment, while others may need the stimulation from a busy open space to open up the creative side of their minds. This is the main reason why coworking spaces are becoming more and more popular. They provide a balance between coworking areas, private offices and also a meeting room for those more important discussions.

If you are stuck between revamping your office space and looking for an alternative space to help improve the creativity and productivity of your team, why not book a tour of McCue House today so you can see our facilities for yourself.

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