Phase Two – Whats next at McCue House

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We have set our sights high on what we want to offer the local community, our phase 1 is finally complete! Our first members moved in in April occupying two of our offices and they have been flowing in ever since. We want to create a community of people here, and we are happy to say that all our members are very friendly and welcoming. Our phase two development will include our Vault Lounge and a further 8-9 offices.

Vault Lounge

Our Vault Lounge will include luxury seating, our beloved VITRO S1 Bean to cup coffee machine, our fresh and sparkling juice machine and a luxury kitchen and prep area. We want to make this space close to what you would see in an airport VIP lounge – with snacks and treats for our members, all complimentary. As we are originally jewellers, we will be including our vault which was used to store our precious metals and jewellery and turning it into a quiet room for people to take private calls with acoustic panelling between the pods. Whether you are a co-worker and have a call that you don’t want to take in the office or having your lunch with other staff members, pop into our vault and take the call in private.

Phase Two Offices

As we are a flexible space, we like to keep our offering flexible! I say our 8-9 offices because our plans are not concrete, we are trying to gauge what local businesses require in terms of office occupancy – whether that be 2, 4, 6, 8+ person offices. Our larger phase 1 office is now occupied but if you require a bigger space, you can email us at [email protected] with requirements, and we can discuss the options for you leading into phase 2 of the development. Our plans will need to become concrete at some point, but the flexibility is still there, for the time being, so act fast!


Who includes anyone and everyone, we welcome all businesses at McCue House, large or small. We currently have Contractors, Transport and distribution, Quantity Surveyors, Language speaking recruitment and serviced spaces occupying our offices.


Now we have covered the what, when and who, we now look at the how. This wouldn’t have been possible without all our suppliers and contractors, who have helped turn this building from a family home into a modern flexible workspace. It has been two-three years in the making with many hurdles along the way. You can find a list of all our contractors in our about us – patrons section of the website. And last but not least, a very special mention to a lady who helped greatly with those difficult hurdles is Belinda Roughton from Invoice Finance Solution Limited – her knowledge and expertise has been invaluable – Thank you, Belinda!.

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