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If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that the majority of our jobs can actually be carried out remotely (despite many business owners not wanting to admit it!). By the end of 2021, it is predicted that between 25 and 30% of the workforce will be working remotely on a permanent basis. The question you need to ask yourself as a business owner is will remote working fit in with the goals of your business, will it enable you to reach your goals? There are lots of things to consider when you are choosing whether or not to continue renting an office space in North East Lincolnshire. Let’s explore these in detail.

Is Your Home Environment Suitable?

This relates to both your home life, as well as those of your employees if you have any. By working from home you are saving vital time commuting, so you will be able to fit more work into the day. However, is your home environment conducive to productivity? Do you have a family at home who will distract you? Do you have a strong WiFi connection that is stable and won’t drop out halfway through a Zoom call?

It is really important to take the time to assess whether you can still be productive when working from home, or if you need that office space in North East Lincolnshire to get into the right mindset. The pandemic has put an extra strain on working parents, particularly those with more than one child. Many parents have been having to juggle their workload with homeschooling their children at the same time. Would working from an office space in North East Lincolnshire take some pressure off, so you can fully concentrate on those days that you aren’t homeschooling?

Is Your Business New?

Many businesses have struggled to get through the pandemic, and unfortunately, lots have had to cease trading. Some businesses within the digital sector have thrived, and if you are hoping to be one of those you need to consider meeting spaces. You don’t want potential new clients traipsing around your house, it really doesn’t give the right first impression. Renting a new space is going to be much less expensive than normal, so now might be the perfect opportunity to get that lease signed.

Most new businesses have lots of meetings with new staff members, receiving goods from suppliers, and pitching to clients. A coworking space or renting an office space in North East Lincolnshire on a monthly basis might help you cater for some of the dynamics that come with starting a new business.

Social Interaction Is Important

Another thing we have all learnt from the pandemic is the need for human interaction. You can have the best of both worlds with office space – just because you are renting somewhere it doesn’t mean that you can’t work remotely when you choose to. You are your own boss after all! It has been clear that there has been a rise in the levels of anxiety and depression during the past year, and this is mainly due to isolation.

If you are considering working from home, you also need to think about the social aspect. Even if you work in an office on your own, you still have that interaction with other business owners when you fill the kettle up or grab your lunch. A 5-minute conversation with someone can make you feel a lot less alone. All of these little conversations add up, and working from an office space in North East Lincolnshire might just give you that mental boost you need in order to be more productive in your role.

How Much Office Space Is Needed?

This ultimately depends on the size of your current team, or how many staff you are hoping to employ within the near future. Again, there isn’t a right or wrong answer, there are lots of different options available to you. Many companies are now utilising coworking spaces as a way of providing a more flexible workplace solution. It means that employees don’t have to be located in the same place, but can be working where they choose.

If you need help deciding which office space in North East Lincolnshire would work best for you and your business, why not contact the team at McCue House. We are creating a range of office solutions within our serviced business centre, so we have something for everyone.

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