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To say that 2020 has been a challenging year is an understatement! Virtual coworking is a trend that has appeared as a result of teams working from home, and it is a great way to keep people motivated and included. The benefits of coworking virtual offices are very much the same as the advantages of traditional coworking, but let’s have a look into this new type of flexible working in further detail.

Coworking vs virtual working

Coworking is sharing a working space with other people – this can include freelancers as well as those working for different employers. There is no requirement for those that occupy a coworking space to know each other, or work collaboratively. People can be completely independent from one another, just simply working within the same space. Coworking spaces generally include the following services which help with productivity:

  1. Collaborative opportunities
  2. A dedicated working area
  3. The use of amenities such as conference rooms
  4. Managed printing services

Virtual coworking is very similar to coworking, but within an online space rather than a physical one. Working remotely can be difficult as there are lots of distractions, and communication is generally lower than within an office. There is no casual chatting while the kettle is boiling, and no-one to grab a bite to eat with on your lunch break. In fact, many people who are working from home barely give themselves the usual time off for lunch!

For those who are looking for a happy-medium and would like a more structured setting for their business, whilst still working remotely of course, you can also work in a virtual office in Grimsby like at McCue House.

What is a virtual office?

A coworking virtual office involves working alongside others in a virtual environment. Most businesses need extra tools and resources in order to run their business, such as a phone answering service to manage incoming calls. This is where a virtual office comes in. A coworking virtual office in Grimsby can provide all of the elements you would usually find in a traditional office environment, without the overheads of renting your own premises.

Workers are able to physically get up and move to meeting rooms, conference rooms and breakout areas, just as they would within a traditional office setting.

Benefits of a coworking virtual office

One advantage of a virtual office space that we have already touched upon is lower running costs. Here are a few other benefits:

  • Flexible working locations

There are lots of virtual office spaces popping up at the moment, which means there is a greater degree of flexibility when it comes to choosing where you want to work from. Following the pandemic, it is likely that the number of people virtually coworking is only going to increase as staff opt for working remotely where possible. A virtual office is a practical solution for those who run a team that works in multiple locations.

  • Access to more talent

For employers, a virtual office environment means that they are able to attract high calibre candidates from anywhere in the world. The nature of virtual working means that employees can work from any location they choose, even within a different timezone.

  • Improved productivity

When working remotely it can be hard to stay motivated, and procrastination tends to be a lot higher than working in an office environment where you are surrounded by colleagues. By being part of a virtual office, it can give employees and freelancers more structure. Helping to improve motivation and therefore productivity.

Start coworking virtually

All you really need in order to get started with virtual coworking is a stable internet connection! There are lots of apps and online file sharing systems available which you can use to communicate with other staff members.

Here at McCue House we will also be launching an online member directory which will give you the tools to collaborate with other business owners. If you would like to find out more about the high quality serviced virtual offices in North East Lincolnshire we will be launching soon, please register your interest as spaces are filling up fast!


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