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Lockdown 2.0 is now well underway, and like many freelancers, people are now starting to face the realities of working from their own homes. During the first time round, everyone was excited at the prospect of working from home in their PJs, and not really doing much work. Then after a few months, the novelty soon began to wear off. Distractions start appearing, and cabin fever becomes a real demotivator. Once we are allowed to return to the ‘new normal’, you may want to consider moving your business to a flexible office space in North East Lincolnshire.

What is a flexible office space?

A flexible office space is one that doesn’t require as much commitment as a traditional office. Generally you are not tied into a lengthy contract – you may be able to sign a monthly rolling contract, or even hire an office for the day. There are lots of different types of flexible office spaces, including co-working, hot desking, shared offices, served offices and even some private offices. Here at McCue House we pride ourselves in being a high quality serviced, flexible office space in North East Lincolnshire, adaptive to the needs of local businesses.

Do you need to be a company?

One common misconception of flexible office spaces is that people think that you have to be a company, or own a company in order to use them. Freelancers are some of the most common occupiers of coworking spaces as they are a really affordable option. Not only that, coworking spaces give people the opportunity to collaborate and network with other people. Freelancing can be a lonely industry, so flexible office spaces provide a change of scenery and an affordable solution to those who are in the early stages of growing their business.

Choosing the right flexible office space

This all depends on both the size of your business and how much budget you have to spend. Freelancers tend to be better suited to coworking spaces. They are often modern, have all the facilities required, and offer a hot-desking system where you can work from a different desk within the office each day. The rates are usually a lot lower, and there is little commitment required too.

For those looking for a more permanent option, a serviced office would probably be more suitable. You would have your own permanent desk (possibly your own office too), and a range of extra services offered. Contracts are often on a rolling monthly basis, so they are the perfect solution for small businesses taking that next step. Some of the facilities offered include administration staff and receptionists who can look after things like call forwarding and mail handling. These services will be included within your monthly fee.

Virtual offices

Another type of office to consider is a virtual office. For those who want to give their business a professional outlook, but are not able to afford a flexible office space, a virtual office is a great happy-medium. These often include some of the admin services from a flexible office space, such as phone answering and mail forwarding, but you won’t have any physical space to work from.

If you would like any more information about the range of office spaces that we will be providing here at McCue House, please have a browse through our website or contact us directly.

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