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Coworking Spaces Post COVID - Coworking Virtual Office| McCue House

Coworking spaces around the world are finally starting to get up and running again following the COVID lockdown. There was a real mixture of how coworking spaces operated during the past few months. Some shut their doors entirely, whilst others remained open and implemented strict social distancing guidelines.

Whilst Coronavirus is still very much happening around us, until recently it has been spreading at a much lower rate. There is an heir of uncertainty surrounding people returning to their places of work, and this applies to coworking virtual office spaces too. Let’s have a look at why there seems to be an initially slow return of members to coworking spaces.

The economic situation has changed

It goes without saying that the economy has seen a massive hit caused by the pandemic, and we are now officially in a recession once again. With governments looking to reduce the risk of another potential wave, this is making it harder for the general public to part with their hard-earned cash. If we go into another lockdown, will our jobs be safe? Do we need to start building up financial reserves should the worst happen?

When it comes to freelancers and sole traders, many have actually turned to coworking virtual spaces in order to reduce costs. Rather than renting a traditional office with long rental contracts, a flexible workspace is a much more attractive option. Here at McCue House, we understand the needs of small businesses and as part of our packages, we will be providing additional benefits to our members. Our coworking space includes a manned reception, virtual office addresses and super fast broadband.

External restrictions are still in place

Some other things that have prevented people from returning to coworking spaces are the increase in external restrictions. For example, travel restrictions have meant there has been a decrease in business travellers using coworking spaces. On the flip side, for those who have been working in their home office for months with regular distractions, a coworking virtual office space is a great solution. Isolation has played a big part in many sole traders and freelancers returning to coworking spaces, despite an increase in external restrictions.

At McCue house, all of our members will have access to our online member directory meaning that you will be able to collaborate easily. This will allow you to nurture your business relationships, and feel more involved in the freelance community.

Internal restrictions apply in coworking spaces

When it comes to opening up a post-COVID coworking space, finding the balance is a challenge. Strict regulations such as wearing masks for the entire working day can make a space less attractive for potential members. However, some people may feel safer in an environment that has clear policies and procedures.

Social distancing measures add another issue as this can reduce the potential capacity of a coworking virtual office space as well as a traditional coworking space. We will be making things as simple as possible for our members when we open, so please keep an eye on our social media channels to see the procedures we will be implementing. At the end of the day, we want our members to feel as safe and as comfortable as possible. If you would like to know more about the shared office spaces in Grimsby that we still have available, please contact us today.

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