The Future Flexible Work Model & Coworking Spaces

How Coworking Spaces Will Support The Future Flexible Work Model | McCue House, Grimsby

The global pandemic has not only changed how businesses operate, but it has changed the way we work and live. From being told to work from home to begin with, to going back to the office, and now working from home again. This new way of working is definitely going to be with us for some time, and the entire definition of ‘office culture’ has a new meaning.

A quick Google search will flood you with working from home statistics, and the general consensus is that business owners in almost every industry are now considering flexible working. Let’s have a look at how coworking spaces will support this new flexible working model.

Companies are realising the value of working from home

Working from home was something that had to happen almost immediately overnight. Those businesses who had working from home policies already in place hit the ground running, whilst other businesses really struggled in the early days of the pandemic.

Digital technologies had to be embraced, and many traditional methods of working had to be scrapped to allow staff to work from home. Zoom became the new Monday morning board meeting, and flexible working hours became the new norm.

Whilst some of the more traditional organisations were ‘forced’ into working from home, it has actually helped to speed up the digital transformation that was inevitable anyway. Businesses have realised that they have made it work once, so they can make it work again. Big companies like Siemens have even announced that they are letting employees work from anywhere two or three days each week. This means that coworking spaces are likely to be in great demand as staff look for new locations (without distractions) to work from.

Flexible work model

Singapore is one of the countries that has the most data when it comes to working from home statistics. Nine out of ten employees who completed a survey said that they want to continue working from home in some capacity. This is a staggering amount, and really highlights how employers need to consider a working from home policy that offers optimal flexibility. This policy could, for example, include stating that employees have to work several days in an office or coworking space.

The value of coworking spaces

As you can see, coworking spaces are going to become extremely popular as time progresses. Whilst working from home is great, it isn’t without distractions which can keep you from carrying out your job properly. A coworking space is a perfect solution – somewhere away from your usual office, where you will be surrounded by other people working (at socially distanced workspaces of course).

If you would like any further information about the coworking area coming soon to McCue House, or any other of the facilities that we offer, please contact us on 01472 287766. Alternatively, register your interest on our website.

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