Travel Working – The Next Big Thing After Coworking

Travel Working - The Next Big Thing After Coworking | McCue House

Whilst travel is of course completely out of the question at the moment, this doesn’t stop us from thinking about warmer days and sunnier climates! Coworking has been a big craze over the past few years and although the pandemic has slowed this trend slightly, we are sure things will resume once we are back to normal. Let’s explore the consent of ‘travel working’ in more detail, and what it actually means.

What Is Travel Working?

The idea behind travel working is mainly for those who are self-employed. The concept is that you can work and travel at the same time, forming a like-minded community at the same time. Allowing for collaboration and increased productivity by working alongside others.

Is It Realistic?

Taking the leap to become self-employed is a very daunting prospect. Leaving the comfort of a regular salary, and a stable job with steady work. However, imagine how much more flexibility you would have if you could work and travel the world at the same time? So many people focus on their retirement and living their dream life then. Why not combine work and travel now though? With so many coworking spaces opening up globally, this option is becoming a lot more feasible. It doesn’t just have to mean travelling abroad either – why not have a lovely break in the Lincolnshire Wolds, whilst basing your business from McCue House?

Advantages of Travel Working

1. You can build a strong network

Sitting in an office or working from home doesn’t give you many opportunities to connect and network with other business owners. However travel working means that you can build networks directly, and you can share ideas face-to-face.

2. You will feel more creative and inspired

As you will be travelling and exploring the world, there will be a new sense of adventure in your life and it will be easy to meet new people. People all around you will also be working, so you will be in an inspiring environment.

3. The world is at your disposal

You will have so much more freedom if you choose to go down the travel working route. You are free to go exactly where you want, with unlimited opportunities for learning. If you missed out on taking a gap year whilst studying, travel working could fill that need for adventure that you crave.

Disadvantages of Travel Working

Of course, with every good thing, there are also disadvantages, but there aren’t too many when it comes to travel working.

1. Limited privacy

Travel working means that you can rock up to an internet cafe or coworking space and get started with work straight away. One of the downsides of this is that you won’t have an allocated working space or desk. If you need to have a private meeting, for example, this would be much harder.

2. You may feel homesick

Going out on a new adventure is definitely an exciting thought, but when reality starts to kick in you might find yourself missing the company of coworkers and family. That isn’t to say that you won’t meet new people on your travels, but this may take some time for you to make connections.

3. Lots of distractions

You have to remember that travel working isn’t a holiday. Yes, it is great to explore areas of the globe and have new experiences, but you do still need to earn a living. It can be very tempting to sit on a beach all day and do no work at all!

How To Succeed With Travel Working

Self-discipline and time management are key when you are self-employed, and these are even more important if you are considering travel work. There are lots of digital tools out there to help manage your time, such as Asana (a great online to-do list), Trello (for organising teams and longer projects) and Google Calendar (for scheduling meetings and important events). Taking the time to make a structured agenda will mean that when the temptation arises to sit in the sunshine and do nothing, you will be motivated to work.

Work-life balance is also key, so make sure that you take the time to pamper yourself with adventure. It is easy to overwork whilst travelling but making sure your mind is well-rested is the key to creative success. If you would like more information about the services that we plan on providing here at McCue House, please contact us today.

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