Top 4 Flexible Workspace Misconceptions

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Flexible workspaces tend to get grouped with managed offices, conventional offices, workspace on demand and the list goes on. It can become confusing when there are so many options, but we think serviced offices are the best… don’t believe us, read our blog and decide for yourself.

1. “Expensive”

One of the most common misconceptions about serviced offices (also known as flexible workspaces) is that they are expensive!

Initially, they may seem pricy but generally and most certainly with McCue House, they are fully inclusive! When I say everything is included, I mean everything! When setting up a business there are costly aspects you may not have the capital for such as furniture, installing a high-quality internet connection, and general refurbishments or alterations to the workplace. Looking for an office is like looking for a house as it will likely be a home from home for many people. It needs good natural light, ample parking, a comfortable amount of space, and it needs to be easily accessible. Having onsite parking is a must, which may increase your rental cost dramatically when searching for a traditional leased office. Our parking is CCTV operated and free to use for all our members and guests.

With McCue House everything is already done for you, it’s as easy as 1,2,3 –

  1. View the range of offices we have available,
  2. Pick your office book now,
  3. Sign the paperwork and move in

Our turnaround has been as quick as 24 hours! As well as the initial costs, leases for conventional offices tend to be 3-5 years, your phones could be 2 years, your electric maybe 1 year, all these direct debits and end dates can get confusing – McCue House has a simple single cost per month with a 1-month commitment and no deposits are required.

2. “Serviced offices are only suitable for small businesses”.

Serviced offices are great for large enterprises as they offer the ability of greater experimental market expansion without committing to long leases. At McCue House, we have a minimum one-month commitment with no deposits, offering a sort of safety net for businesses entering a new market. Even going as large as multinational corporations, and serviced offices make the transition so simple which is so important when setting up in a foreign market.

3. “No room for expansion”

With McCue House having multiple offices of all different sizes, we can confirm this isn’t correct. It would be easier to expand in a serviced office workspace than it would be with a conventional office as you rent what you see, and you’re tied in for 3-5 years.

4. “Serviced offices are on the decline after COVID-19”.

Since Covid hit, employers and employees have all realised that flexible working whether that be completely remote, or part-time does work! Productivity has increased and absentees have decreased, it’s improved employees’ well-being but we also see the need for “designated office time”. We are social creatures, and the office offers the ability to socialise and connect with your team which is such an important part of the general communication of your business. People no longer see the need for renting a huge space when employees are only in the office half of the week, the space is essentially wasted. Serviced offices offer the flexibility of short leases, inclusive costs and flexible working hours as they tend to be 24-hour access.

Over the past 2 years, we have seen the phrase WFH (working from home) a lot, while this has worked for some people, for others it has not. If your home life is a bit busy it can be hard to concentrate, maybe your kids are at home playing/watching television, maybe your partner also works from home meaning there isn’t enough room for two workstations, all of this can cause a strain on not only your working life but home life. It can be hard to disconnect once work hours are over. You’re watching tv on an evening and your emails flash up on your laptop – we’ve all been there, what if it’s important, what if It’s urgent *checks emails… just spam*, either way, shutting off can be difficult.

So, there you have it! Hopefully, this has changed your mind on some aspects of serviced offices.

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