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Benefits Of Serviced Offices In Lincolnshire | McCue House

When you start thinking about office space for your business you may be overwhelmed by the number of different options at your disposal. Co-working spaces and renting offices are the most popular options, but we wanted to throw serviced office space into the mix. This might not be something you have even heard of, so let’s explore what a serviced office is, and how it could benefit your business.

What Is A Serviced Office?

A serviced office is a furnished, fully-equipped office space that is usually operated on a pay-as-you-go basis. Providers will usually rent out single serviced offices or whole floors at a time, depending on the needs of their clients. Serviced offices make a perfect alternative to conventional office space, and are a bit of a step up from coworking spaces where you aren’t allocated a specific working area. In comparison with long-term rented office spaces, there are no hidden costs such as maintenance, facility costs, furnishing and internet connectivity.

In recent years, serviced office spaces have increased in popularity – particularly for start-up businesses and SMEs who are seeing the benefits that they provide, mainly flexibility. In the UK alone there has been a 157% increase in serviced office take-up!

Key Benefits

As people are starting to shift more towards an agile working approach, serviced offices in Grimsby are set to become even more popular. Whether a business needs single office space, or several offices joined together, the space can be designed for optimum results. Here are some other benefits of serviced offices:

1. Flexibility

We talk about flexibility a lot, but flexible workspaces post-COVID are going to be huge. The fact that you can have short-term rentals with serviced offices means that businesses can keep control of their expenses easily, which is ideal for start-up businesses. Serviced office spaces are also great for businesses who are wanting to expand their team at short notice, as the flexibility to rent more space is always there.

2. Cost-effective

With serviced office spaces businesses only pay for the space that they need. They are usually furnished and come with high-speed internet connections too, so this means they can be moved immediately. No waiting around for the installation of an internet cable!

3. Range of facilities

Serviced offices contain all of the facilities a business needs such as kitchens, breakout rooms, lunch areas, reception desks, meeting rooms and networking spaces. There is often the chance to add on pay-as-you-use facilities too such as printers. This all helps to make budgeting nice and easy.

4. Great for business growth

Serviced offices are usually available in several different locations around the country, which means they are a great way to venture into new markets without spending lots of money. It allows businesses to become established in new territories without the hassle of having to find private office rental space.

Coworking vs Serviced Offices

There is often some confusion between coworking spaces and serviced offices, but the main difference is that with coworking there is no real privacy. Whilst meeting rooms are available to hire at additional costs, they are spaces that are better suited to creative businesses who are looking to collaborate.

A serviced office is perfect for businesses who are looking for lower costs than traditional leases, a flexible solution and no additional hassle of building maintenance! If you would like to know more about serviced office spaces in Grimsby or would like a tour of our business spaces, why not book a tour today or give us a call on 0142 287766.

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