The Benefits Of Meeting Rooms

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Meeting rooms are a great all-around space that can be used for a whole host of activities, not just meetings as the name suggests. Firstly, they give a great first impression of your business to potential clients and partners with their professional backdrop. Hosting a meeting in a professional environment can really help to grow your business and gain new clients.

Privacy & Space

Privacy is also another real advantage of a meeting room as you don’t have to worry about people listening in on your conversation. Unlike having conversations in coworking spaces, you won’t have any external distractions either. Important discussions need the highest level of focus, and a meeting room often amplifies the importance of the conversation as well. Creating a professional atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable.

Meeting rooms are generally fairly large spaces which means you can plan ahead and make sure that you can accommodate everyone who will be present. Whether you are just meeting a couple of people and require a small room, or are collaborating on a project and need to spread out there are usually several choices within serviced office spaces.

Video Conferencing

During the pandemic many of us have had a real insight into people’s homes during Zoom calls – the number of bookcases we have seen is ridiculous! If you are unable to create a professional backdrop or green screen you may want to consider hiring a meeting room. Having a professional backdrop can help to create the tone you intend to give off during the video.

Most conference and meeting rooms include WiFi within their hire fee, which allows you to connect smart devices and computers for the meeting. This is a great benefit if you don’t have the money to invest in a projector or widescreen TV as these are usually available too. With a dedicated internet connection, you will be safe sending emails and confidential information.

Support Services

A meeting room that is positioned in a modern office space will usually include office support services. This can be anything from access to a high specification printer for those all-important documents that you have forgotten to print for your clients. Other services may include catering – ideal for those client meetings which fall over lunchtime, and coffee is usually on tap too.

What To Look For In A Meeting Room

Whether you are looking to create your own meeting room in your office, or hire out a conference room, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Flexibility – this is something that is often overlooked. Think about how you are going to want to layout the room for your meeting – are the chairs and tables easy to move according to the number of people that will be in there?
  2. Accessibility – look for conference rooms that are accessible to everyone and have wheelchair access. It is a good idea to make sure the room is easy to find as well, otherwise, everyone will end up being late which is never a good first impression!

Hosting a business meeting in a coffee shop is possible, but there are lots of benefits of meeting rooms. Not only will you give a much more professional outlook, but by having a private area to focus your attention you will see increased efficiency and productivity from your meeting. If you would like more information about the meeting room we have for hire here at McCue House, please contact us today (this is available to non-members too).

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